How to: make a sock donut



So lately I’ve been doing my hair in a lot of sock bun hairstyles and i know that you can buy a sock donut at a store but why do that when you can make your own. That is why for this post i am going to be showing you how to make your own sock donut.

Making a sock donut is extremely easy:

Step 1:The first thing you need to do is find a clean sock that you no longer use or need. ( I personally go for one that doesn’t have a matching sock to go with it)
*It is best if you use a sock that is similar to the color of your hair but any sock will do.
Step 2: Next cut the closed end (the bottom) of the sock off.
Step 3: Now turn the sock inside out so that when you roll it up you see the outside of the sock.
Step 4: You should be left with and empty sock tube.
Step 5: Roll the sock tube up to make a donut shape.

And there you have it!
I hope you enjoyed this post and you can also go and check out my other post- How to: make a sock bun



How to: Make a sock bun


So i get a lot of people who ask me how i put my hair in a sock bun and i can understand how sock buns can be a bit tricky. So for this post i am going to show you how to make a sock bun.

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Step 1: The first thing you need to do here is brush you hair and then tie it up in a high pony tail.
Step 2: Next get your sock donut.
Step 3: Put the bottom of you hair through the sock donut hole.
Step 4: Now Take the end of you hair and role it over the sock donut.
Keep doing that until you have reached the pony tale.
Step 5: You can secure the bun with another hair tie or bobby pins.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you can also go and check out my other post- How to: make a sock donut.


My everyday: hairstyles




So a lot of my friends always say that they wish they had my hair and I’m very flattered by that, but there is something you should always remember: you are perfect just the way you are . Another thing my friends do is ask me what hair styles i do with my hair. So today i am going to show you four of my everyday hairstyles.

*NOTE: The first thing you need to do with each of these styles is brush your hair until you can run your fingers through it without them getting stuck in knots.

Hairstyle 1: Loose side braid
This hairstyle is extremely simple.
All you need to do is take your hair to one side and braid it normally, but try to make it looser than you usually would.
Tie it at the end with a hair tie. And voila!
If you think it is still to tight then just press on it a bit to make it looser.

Hairstyle 2: sock bun with a twist

To start off with this hairstyle, tie your hair in a high pony.
Then twist your hair to keep it all together when you do the bun.
Next, twist your pony tail around the hair tie and tuck it in.
Now take a sock bun and put it over the bun you already made.

*The twist is that you put the sock bun on the outside of the bun instead of the inside.

Hairstyle 3: messy bun

This hairstyle is almost exactly the same as the previous one.
First tie your hair in a high pony.
Then twist your pony tale to keep all the hair together
Next take your pony tale and twist it around the hair tie.
Now tuck the end of the pony tale in the hair tie.
And now you have a messy bun.

*if you want, you can use another hair tie or some bobby pins to secure the bun.

Hairstyle 4: high pony with side braid

To do this hairstyle just start off with a high pony, but leave some hair behind to do the side plait.
Next, take the leftover hair and plait it normally.
Then hold it to the side of your head and keep it there with a bobby pin or just a normal clip.
If your hair is long enough, you can do what i did and use another hair tie to tie it with the pony tale.

Well i hope you have enjoyed my everyday hairstyles.
Leave a comment telling me if they worked for you and if you want me to do another one of these kinds of blogs.